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The Virtual Agent

Over the last two months, we’ve been producing NEW videos for subscribers of David Knox Real Estate Training that will help you master the skills of being a Virtual Agent in these challenging times.

In this video, David gives an overview of the videos in this new curriculum. You’ll learn key points from some of our recent videos, which tackle the skills needed to thrive as business is increasingly done remotely.

The Virtual Listing

Vicki Westapher demonstrates her successful listing methods and online presentation expertise.

Part 1 – Pre-listing, Seller Counseling
Part 2 – Listing Presentation
Part 3 – Tour & Marketing Process
Part 4 – Pricing & Commission
Part 5 – Full Listing Presentation
Part 6 – Property Tour Video

The Virtual Open House

Justin Johnson leads you through the specific steps of planning, marketing, and conducting a virtual open house.

Part 1 – Planning a Virtual Open House
Part 2 – Scheduling a Zoom Meeting
Part 3 – Marketing the Open House
Part 4 – Conducting an Open House
Part 5 – Follow-Up
Part 6 – Steps for Zoom and Facebook

Set Up a Videoconference Space

KFT140 thumb

David tells you exactly how to set up a videoconference space in your home so you can make the best first impression during your virtual meetings

Full Curriculum

Get a preview of all the videos in our full Virtual Agent curriculum below.

Video Skills

  • Set Up a Videoconference Space

  • Using Zoom Video Conferencing (with Client Tutorial)

  • Shoot Better Video

  • Professional Property Photography

Open House

  • Planning a Virtual Open House

  • Scheduling a Zoom Meeting

  • Marketing the Open House

  • Conducting an Open House

  • Follow-Up

  • Detailed Steps for Zoom and Facebook

Listing Presentation

  • Pre-listing, Seller Counseling, First Meeting

  • Listing Presentation

  • Tour & Marketing Process

  • Pricing & Commission

  • Full Listing Presentation

  • Property Tour Video

Social Media

  • Facebook Live: Before

  • Facebook Live: During