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Videos that Create Smarter, More Loyal Clients

Watch a short preview of our updated client video “8 Steps to Buying a Home.” If you want to work with educated, loyal, motivated, and appreciative buyers…email this video to them before your counseling interview or showings. Educate clients, save time, and add value with our whole collection of client videos.

Video is the most effective way to deliver information in today’s world.

Include our educational streaming videos in your prelisting package and teach the fundamentals and complexities of real estate, so your clients are better prepared to work with you. Let us help provide that extra touch so you can be a more effective, credible and reputable agent.

Available for convenient viewing on a desktop, tablet and mobile devices, these videos are an important tool for realtors who desire to secure more listings and go the extra mile for their clients.

Pricing Your Home
to Sell

The secret weapon that teaches sellers to avoid overpricing, so they list with you at market value.

Preparing Your Home
to Sell

Show your sellers how to improve the appearance of their home by staging it for showings.

Selecting Your Real
Estate Agent

Teach homeowners the objective criteria for selecting a competent agent: you.

Selling by

When homeowners learn the difficult process of selling their own home, they may choose to hire you instead.

Expired Listing

Help sellers analyze the marketing, condition and price of their home, and how listing with you will get them moved.

8 Steps to Buying
a Home

Teach your buyers to be motivated, qualified and committed, so they’ll buy, buy now, and buy from you.



Proactively educate your clients, and become a more effective, creditable and reputable agent.

Videos available for convenient viewing on a desktop, tablet and mobile devices, these videos are an important tool for realtors who desire to secure more listings and go the extra mile for their clients.



Save time by automating client education, so that you focus on growing your business. This platform is built for on-the-go agents who want to provide an exceptional client experience.

  • Videos made specifically for clients

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  • Easy-to-use mobile app

  • No sending limits

  • Display videos on your website

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  • Access videos on the go

  • Personalize client emails with video links


Sending Subscription

  • Unlimited Sends
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Showcase Subscription

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Demonstrate your point of difference and use video to teach your clients how to get their home ready for listing, how to price their home and position their finances for mortgage qualifications, and more.


*Basic subscription: $19.77 month-to-month, $197 annual (17% savings) • Showcase/Premium subscription: $29.77 month-to-month, $297 annual (17% savings)

Terms of Use: Month-to-month subscription, two month minimum, 30-day cancellation notice. You may upgrade or downgrade your subscription level. These subscriptions allow unlimited sending and viewing of videos, but may be used only by an individual agent. Subscriptions may not be shared with other individuals, teams, offices or companies. The Showcase page may be placed only on your individual website. David Knox Productions, Inc. has the right to terminate any account for excessive use, abuse or violation of this agreement. Videos may not be copied in any form and are protected by a registered Federal copyright. All rights reserved ©David Knox Productions, Inc.