“Can I get a copy of that?”

Why yes you can! One of the most valuable features of this online training is the ability to access and download support materials in a variety of formats such as Word, PDF or Excel. Here are the categories of materials.

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Course outlines

Most of the video have outlines that follow the video. They are great for printing out for a meeting or training session. Some of our members have bound them into a booklet that covers multiple videos. They are also a great way to get a quick look at the content in a video prior to watching it or deciding if it meets your needs. To save printing, students may open the outline in a window beside the video player to follow along.

Scripts & dialogs

In 45 years I’ve never met an agent who doesn’t ask “What do I say when they say this?” The number one fear agents have of prospecting is not knowing what to say. Well now they will. 

You will find scripts for referrals, telephone questions, open house, pre-listing questions, For Sale By Owner, door knocking, cold calls, warm calls, expired listings, listing presentation, objections, commission objections, overpricing objections and so much more. They can be printed and used in role-plays and in actual prospecting situations.

Forms & Checklists

We also provide a series of documents that may be customized such as multiple offer comparison chart, income computation in Excel, customer survey, interest rate history, photography checklist, need-feature-benefit structure worksheet, “elevator speech” worksheet, home buying process flow chart and more.

Listing materials

We provide customizable documents that agents may use with sellers to gain information and/or assign homework to get the seller involved. These include: Home Features Drawbacks, Seller Listing Priorities Questionnaire, REALmarketing Listing Presentation Checklist, 8-step REALmarketing plan and an improvements since purchase worksheet.