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What’s New for October

Grow Your Business and Work Open Houses

This month we are joined by Colby Lampman, a broker/owner from Idaho, who shares his techniques for working the current market.  Learn about creating listing leads, putting on marketing events in your community, and managing your buyers.

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Real Estate Live 50-1

Colby Lampman, broker/owner of a 400 agent company in Idaho, describes how he generates listing leads, the lead sources he uses, and how to contact them.

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Real Estate Live 50-2

Colby describes how he creates well-attended, community-based client appreciation events.

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Real Estate Live 50-3

Our final segment with Colby covers how to manage your buyers: build confidence, replace fear with reason, and create ways to make a purchase more affordable.

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Watch a short preview of our new client video “8 Steps to Buying a Home.” If you want to work with educated, loyal, motivated, and appreciative buyers…email this video to them before your counseling interview or showings.

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We’ve created a new Tutorials section with videos on how to use different aspects of the website. Learn how to find training videos, where to find downloads, how admins can customize the look of the website, and more. We’ll be adding more tutorial videos on a regular basis, so make sure to check back for more!

David's Blog

Check out David’s latest blog post that digs deep into uncovering seller motivation. You’ll learn how to determine if they are moving away from problems or towards something positive.

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