Sell the Difference

Value Added Selling…How to Avoid the Commissionectomy

One of the most difficult situations in real estate is when a seller asks an agent to cut commission. Do you cut your fee and lose profit, or hold firm and lose the listing? There is a better way; sell value, maintain strength and ask good questions. Major points are:

  • Are you serious about getting every listing?
  • Reducing your fee is NOT a way to increase income
  • You won’t make it up in volume
  • Five ways to respond: Strength, Value, Difference,
    Dialog, Net
  • Build a Foundation of Strength
  • Value deserves Reward
  • Deliver Value
  • Sell Difference
  • Is it a Request …or a Refusal
  • Pause, Isolate, Question
  • Sell NET, not Fee
  • Performance Gain Exceeds Fee Savings
  • Answer the objection
  • Handling other fee-cut situations
  • Limit Concessions
  • Show them the money


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