Prepare Your Buyers

To earn income with buyers, you must work with those how are highly motivated, qualified, loyal to you. If they have a home to sell, then they can be the source of two transactions. Yet many agents waste time showing homes for weeks or months only to lose them to another agent or never have them commit to a purchase. In this seminar, agents will learn how to select, train, qualify and motivate buyers to buy, buy now and buy from them. Topics include:

  • How to convert buyer calls to appointments
  • The three critical questions to ask any buyer
  • Setting up a buyer counseling session
  • When and where to meet
  • Open vs. Closed questions
  • Key interview questions and topics
  • Getting past reasons to motivation
  • Loyalty and Agency discussions
  • Prepare the buyers to buy
  • Manage expectations of looking time, offer price, number of homes to see
  • Psychology of showing sequence
  • Play “The Price is Right” to teach market value
  • Tips for better showings, key guidelines
  • Debriefing guidelines to avoid property overload
  • How to trial close to determine acceptance
  • Closing techniques and questions
  • How to secure a winning offer
  • Writing for a multiple offer situation
  • P.A.I.D. approach to objections
  • Objection exercise that will clarify all buyer resistance
  • Prevent buyer’s remorse

Seminar Topics