Listing and Commission

The actual listing presentation is the most important job interview in real estate, yet many agents lack an organized, seller-focused plan. In this seminar agents will gain confidence by having a plan that follows the seller’s needs, presents benefits, is delivered in a logical sequence and ends by closing for the listing.

  • Follow sellers decisions
  • Pre-listing activities
  • Pre-qualifying questions
  • Establish trust and rapport
  • Determine motivation & urgency
  • Competition
  • Determine sellers’ opinion of value
  • What are their expectations of an agent
  • Need – Feature - Benefit
  • What’s your difference?
  • Demonstrate the 8- Step Marketing Process
  • Ask for the listing
  • What Is Closing
  • Assertive vs. Aggressive
  • Get P.A.I.D. for Objections
  • Listing CHECKLIST

Seminar Topics