Importance of Listings

A listing priced right is half sold. This seminar contains the best methods for securing a listing at the right price to begin with as well as how to secure a price reduction on a current listing. Agents will learn how to organize their market data, develop creative presentation examples, determine their true motivation, overcome the most common pricing objections and persuade sellers to list at market value.

  • Pricing problem or a Motivation problem?
  • Delay the tour to delay price discussion
  • Do they want to SELL…or STAY?
  • Realty Reality Reporting
  • CMA as an X-ray
  • Present market data
  • Show them the Competition
  • What is the Market Trend?
  • Strategies for a changing market
  • Internal vs. External influences
  • Absorption Rate
  • Sale to List Ratio
  • “But we need the money.”
  • “We can always come down.”
  • “Try it for a couple of weeks?”
  • “We’ve had a higher appraisal.”
  • “They can always make an offer.”
  • Buying up in a down market
  • Steps to a Price Reduction


Seminar Topics