Cut One, Cut All

To earn a stable income in a changing market, agents need to work the side of scarcity, which means securing listings. This seminar focuses on prospecting methods and lead conversion as well as improving presentation skills in listing interview.

  • Respond to prospects IN the market
  • Reach out to prospects OUT of the market
  • Discipline, systems and persistence
  • How to respond to leads
  • How ro reach out to new clients
  • Increase referrals from your SOI
  • Increase referrals from past clients
  • Time-based questioning
  • Questions that turn prospects into clients
  • Pre listing activities for a positive first impression
  • Mental preparation and the first five minutes
  • The listing timeline: when do sellers decide?
  • How to establish trust and rapport in the first few minutes
  • Seller counseling skills that uncover real motivation
  • An 8-step listing presentation that sets you apart
  • What is your point of difference?
  • Need – Feature – Benefit presentations
  • Close for the decision
  • Respond to objections

Seminar Topics