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Consumer DVDs and Audio CDs

Quantity discounts are automatically taken out during checkout.


Consumer DVDs

The quantity discounts are on a per order basis; quantities on previous orders do not count towards a current discount.
Quantity Price per item
1 - 2 $39.00
3 - 9 $25.00


Call to order quantity discounts of 20 or more: 952-835-4477
10 - 19 $19.00


Mix or match any combination of titles and formats. The following titles qualify:

Consumer DVD titles:

Pricing Your Home to Sell
Preparing Your Home to Sell
Selling "By Owner"
Expired Listing
8 Steps to Buying a Home
8 Steps to Buying a Home (CRS)
Selecting Your Real Estate Agent
Selecting Your Real Estate Agent (CRS)


If, for example, you wanted to reach our $19/item price, you would mix or match 10 consumer videos in any combination.


Audio seminar titles:

Sharpen Your Listing Edge
20 Techniques for Converting Buyers to Sales
Managing & Maximizing Agent Productivity

All audio CDs are $9.95 (until out-of-stock)


The Mentor Series II®

The quantity discounts are on a per order basis; quantities on previous orders do not count towards a current discount.
Quantity Price per item
1 - 2 $79.00
3 - 9 $69.00

The Mentor Series II® is priced on a sliding scale. (Example: 1st set @ $995 plus 2nd set @$795 = $1790.)
Mentor System Price
1st $995.00
2nd $795.00
3rd & above $595.00


The Mentor Series II® discounts are historical. If you've already purchased one set please contact us @ 800-822-4221 to place an order at the discounted price.


Note on past Mentor Series II® orders:
Our online order system does not store your order history, so any Mentor Series II® you purchase online will show as $995. However, we double-check every web order, so if you have purchased The Mentor Series II® in the past, we will manually adjust your order amount.


Real Estate LIVE! DVD Series

1 - 2 $95.00
3 - 10 $75.00
10+ $65.00


Please contact us with any questions about quantity pricing.


Shipping Information & Rates

Within the Continental United States:

  • If you order by 2:30pm Central Time M-F using a credit card, your order will ship the same day via UPS Ground.
  • Your order is shipped from Minneapolis, MN and should arrive within 4-5 business days.
  • Orders requesting expedited shipping must be received by 2:30 pm Central Time M-F to ship the same day.
  • As we ship UPS, we need a physical address (not a P.O. box).
  • If you opt to pay by check, we will ship your order the day we receive your check.


To Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico: 

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  • If you opt to pay by check, we will ship your order the day we receive your check.


International Customers:

  • If you order by 4pm Central Time M-F using a credit card, your order will ship the same day via US Air Mail. Your order should arrive within 1-2 weeks, but may take as long as 6-8 weeks due to custom clearance.
  • Orders requesting international expedited shipping must be received by 3:00pm Central Time M-F to ship the same day.
  • PLEASE be sure you include an e-mail address and phone number, as we cannot ship your order until we confirm expedited shipping rates and our international shipping terms and conditions.
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  • Please contact us for shipping rates on your particular order, and see our section for International Customers for other important information pertaining to international orders.


Shipping Rates:

Contact us with any questions pertaining to your particular situation.


Shipping Delays:

We will do our best to get your order to its destination in a reasonable amount of time. There are some things that are beyond our control, i.e.; weather, delivery error & international shipping schedules. Regardless of the reason for the delay, we will do our best to help you. Contact us with any concerns or problems.


Refusal of Delivery:

If a package is refused for delivery, the customer will be responsible for shipping charges. Once we receive the package back, we will issue a credit to the original credit card for the purchase price less the shipping charge. The purpose of this is to defray unnecessary shipping costs and to allow us to offer the lowest prices possible. This does not apply to packages that appeared to be damaged in shipping or that David Knox Productions, Inc. instructs you to refuse.


Incorrect Shipping Address Provided:

Packages that are returned or shipped with an incorrect address provided by the customer will be subject to additional shipping charges. Orders that are later cancelled due to an incorrect address provided by the customer are also subject to shipping charges. Once we receive the package back, we will issue a credit to the original credit card for the purchase price less the shipping costs.


If you have further questions or comments regarding shipping, please e-mail us:

Sales Tax & Payment Options

About Sales Tax:
Effective January 1, 2015:

  • If your order is being shipped to a Minnesota address, our order system automatically adds on the 6.875% sales tax.
  • If you reside in a Hennepin County (Minnesota) zip code an additional 0.15% will be added to your state sales tax.
  • A transit improvement tax of .25% is also included. (7.275% total on your purchase).



About Payment Options:
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. Sorry, we do not accept COD orders. If you want to pay by check or money order, you will need to contact us and place your order by mail. We will ship your order the day we receive your payment.


Please contact us with further questions.

Return/Exchange Policy

About Returns:

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please call us to discuss your return. Then package it securely and return it to us within 30 days of the ship date shown on the receipt. Please include a note explaining the reason of the return. We will refund the product price (not including shipping).


For your protection, we recommend that you use UPS or a similar traceable method. We are not responsible for returns that are lost in transit, nor are we responsible for the shipping charges of the return.


There is no refund after purchase of The Pricing Illustrator or digital downloads.


About Exchanges:

If you change your mind and want to do a product exchange, we will be happy to replace products for the cost of shipping. Please call us to discuss your return, then package them securely and return to us within 30 days of the ship date shown on the receipt. Please include the cost of shipping the new product. (See our order form for shipping rates.) For your protection, we recommend that you use UPS or a similar traceable method. Products must be in saleable condition.


Our address for returns or exchanges:

David Knox Productions, Inc.
7300 Metro Blvd, Suite 120
Minneapolis, MN 55439


Please contact us with further questions about returns or exchanges.

May I make copies of David Knox's products?

Please don't. Our products have been designed to educate, save time and help you become more successful. David Knox Productions, Inc. invests large amounts of money and time creating these products for you and your clients, just as you invest large amounts of your time developing relationships with your clients. Copying these products (videos, audios, printed or software) is similar to a seller canceling a listing and selling directly to your buyer in order to avoid paying a commission. Each of us deserves fair compensation for our efforts and in turn, everyone benefits.

My company has your products and agents make copies. Is it okay since we all work for the company?  Companies are also bound by copyright laws. You may borrow the products from your company, but the rule of no copies still applies. This prohibits two people from "sharing" a product by making extra copies.

May I show these videos to groups?  Yes. Many of our customers use these as training videos in sales meetings and public seminars.

May I personalize the videos?  A business card holder is provided on the back of our consumer videos. We believe third party objectivity contributes to the effectiveness of videos and do not recommend additional personalization.

What if I want more copies for my office or myself?  We want our products to help you portray a professional image to your clients. Copies are not only illegal but also unprofessional. We at David Knox Productions, Inc. offer discount prices for quantity purchases. Please call (800) 822-4221 for details.

What about "backup" copies for damage?  Backup copies are not allowed, but we will be reasonable in replacing damaged products.
I know of individuals who have made copies of these products, but I doubt they knew they were breaking the law.

We understand most people don't purposely break the law and would never consider stealing from someone. Nevertheless, copying these products is stealing and a violation of federal copyright laws. Perhaps you can help spread the word throughout your organization and initiate a policy statement that everyone respects.

What exactly does the law say about copying?  Under the Copyright Act of 1976, it is illegal to make or distribute copies of copyrighted material without authorization. Such unauthorized uses are subject to criminal sanctions as well as civil penalties. *


If I know of someone purposely violating your copyright, what should I do?

Please notify us immediately at (800) 822-4221. David Knox Productions, Inc. will protect your confidentiality and pay you a percentage of the settlement amount as reward. Products for the real estate industry now require large investments in video production, graphics or software, making it necessary to pursue violators.

* NOTICE: All David Knox Productions, Inc. materials are registered under state and federal copyright and trademark laws. Unauthorized use of registered materials may result in the destruction and/or impound of the infringing articles, an award of attorneys fees, infringers profits and statutory damages in the amount of $100,000 to David Knox Productions, Inc. payable by the infringer, and criminal sanctions against the infringer. 15 U.S.C §§ 1116-1118, 17 U.S.C. §§504-506. In order to protect our copyrights, David Knox Productions, Inc. will pursue each violation. Macrovision, who provides copy protection on our videos, may also be partner in any legal action.

Thank you for your integrity in respecting our copyright.
It keeps us all in business.
David S. Knox, President
David Knox Productions, Inc.

Security Information

Our serious approach to security ensures your confidentiality.

Independent studies have shown that using a credit card online over a secure server is safer than ordering by phone or fax. We offer a secure server with top encryption for the safety and convenience of our customers. Using the secure server, you can rest assure that your ordering information, including credit card number and expiration date, will remain encrypted, and therefore out of the hands of hackers and thieves.


Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) establishes a secure connection between two parties (e.g., your browser and our web server). It is used to implement HTTPS, the secure version of HTTP, and is an open technology supported across various browsers (e.g., Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer). gives you the option of Unsecure or Secure. Secure requires that you use an SSL-enabled browser to communicate with the secure area of our site. You know you are visiting the secure area of our site when the URL begins with "https://..."


Secured communications on the web require attention to authentication, encryption and data integrity. All three are addressed by the SSL protocol.


Authentication is the process of establishing confidence that you are communicating with our web server, as opposed to another server assuming our identity. SSL accomplishes this through the use of public/private keys and a digital certificate. When your browser accesses an https address on our server, it will request our digital certificate. A digital certificate can be compared to an "online signature" which your browser will use to validate our identity. Our digital certificate has been issued by GeoTrust, a third party which has done a background check on the David Knox and endorsed our "online signature". This process of authentication is done by the SSL protocol behind the scenes and is transparent to you. If you have an SSL-enabled browser and would like to verify the validity of our digital certificate, click on the GeoTrust seal below.


Encryption is the process of scrambling data (through the use of keys and mathematical encoding algorithms) to prohibit anyone from understanding it if they intercept the data while it is on its way from your browser to our server. Our web server supports either 40-bit or 128-bit keys depending on the capability of your browser and uses RSA's RC4 crypto-algorithm. For additional perspective, Netscape Communications Corporation offers information about the effort necessary to compromise this encryption technology.


Data Integrity is ensuring the data passed between your browser and our server is not being tampered with while in transit. Even though you are confident that you are talking to our server (authentication) and the data is protected from someone eavesdropping on the line (encryption), we need to make sure the content of the data remains intact. SSL sends a message authentication code (MAC) along with each message, which allows the recipient of the message to verify the integrity of its content. The MAC is created using MD5, a hashing algorithm developed by RSA. For a more in-depth discussion of the SSL protocol, you may visit Netscape's site for a detailed account by the original developers of the protocol.

Please contact us with further questions about security.

Consumer Video User Guide

Get the DVDs Back

1. Pick Up at the Appointment

In most cases you will have these DVDs delivered to your client before your appointment so they can be returned to you at the meeting. If they haven’t watched the video yet, consider allowing them to watch while you wait. You’ll be assured of two key things: they get the information and you get your DVD back.

2. Personalize

Each DVD has a clear business card holder on the back cover. Insert your card as a way of personalizing your copies. Some agents also place a card or name label on the inside of the vinyl album.

Speaking of personalization, we receive many requests to personalize the actual DVD video and packaging. This tends not to be a viable option for two reasons. First, these videos work because they’re NOT personalized. Your clients hear information from a third party and don’t hold it against you. Second, the minimum order quantity is 1,000 units and would require a complete re-mastering.

3. Postage-Paid Envelope

In some situations, you might be leaving the DVD with your clients at the appointment requiring you to follow-up. In this case, provide a self-addressed, post-paid envelope. Say to them; "Mr. and Mrs. Seller, when you’re done watching this would you do me a favor. I have other clients who need to see this so, if I forget to pick it up, would you please return it in this envelope? Thank you."

Another option is to use a local courier service. Provide an appropriate envelope and tell your clients that the courier will be picking up the package at some appointed time.

Quantity Purchase Give Away

We do have some customers purchasing our DVDs in quantity with the intent to distribute them to clients to keep. With a business card on each DVD, it becomes a form of advertising. If you are interested in this quantity purchase option, contact us for pricing and/or see our Group Ordering option elsewhere on this site.

Getting Clients to Watch

1. Sales Persuasion

It is your responsibility to educate your clients and persuade them to make proper, informed decisions. Use the DVDs the same way surgeons use pre-op videos to prepare their patients for surgery. Make it required viewing.

The time you spend "selling" your clients on watching these DVDs will be far less than the time you spend waiting for them to learn on their own.

Use the pay-me-now or pay-me-later approach by saying; "Mr. Seller, I’ll be sending you a DVD video that addresses the important issue of pricing your home. I need you to watch it before I arrive. If you’ll take 20 minutes to watch, it will save us an hour tomorrow night."

2. Assign It as Homework

One of the ways you separate yourself as a true professional is to take control early and involve the client in their own transaction. Some of my top agent customers say to their sellers: "Prior to our meeting tomorrow I have some homework for you." They require them to complete a questionnaire on their home, locate certain documents . . . and of course, watch the video.

The other benefit of assigning this as homework is to test their motivation to sell and their commitment to you. If they do their homework for you, then they just might list with you.

3. Pre-Listing Package and Popcorn

Most agents deliver some type of pre-listing package prior to a listing appointment. Use this opportunity to include whatever DVD you deem appropriate.

Many of our customers include add-on incentives such as microwave popcorn or hot chocolate. When you arrive for the appointment, ask if they’ve watched the video. If they haven’t, then see the next technique.

4. Show at the Appointment

In some cases, the only way you’ll get a client to watch is to show it during the appointment. You can either cue it up on their DVD player, or start it up on your own DVD-equipped computer. You can either watch it with them or give them some privacy while you tour their home, or attend to other business. Whatever you do, get them to watch.

Now is a good time to take advantage of our Scene Selection menus. They allow you to navigate right to an appropriate chapter that responds to a client’s specific issue. Instead of the full video, you may only need a portion of it to make your point.

5. Web Site Promotion

We will soon be providing product images for you to post on your own web site. Select an appropriate page on your site such as ‘Buyer Services’ and/or ‘Seller Services’ where you show the products and offer a free viewing by request.

6. Video Store Checkout

Some of our customers have placed them in local video stores with the provision that they can include their business card for customers to contact.

Foreign Language

"Pricing Your Home to Sell" includes a Spanish track, and each of our consumer DVDs has an English and Spanish subtitle track. To use the subtitles, the user must select the subtitle function on their remote control button or the menu interface on their computer.

Which DVD should I provide?

Sometimes They ALL Work

What if the owners are attempting FSBO after their listing expired on an out-dated home while interviewing agents and looking for a new home? In this situation, they need all six of our DVDs!

Select, Price, Prepare

Your key focus should be to get the listing first, then deal with everything else. The first two to use on a listing are "Selecting Your Real Estate Agent" and "Pricing Your Home to Sell." You could certainly send both, but if you’re in competition, then lead with "Selecting."

If you’re on a ‘sure thing’ referral or past client, then "Pricing Your Home to Sell" may be all that’s needed.

Save "Preparing Your Home to Sell" until after you have the listing because a discussion of home improvement may derail their listing decision.

Selling by Owner and Expired Listing are used for prospecting and "8 Steps to Buying a Home" is used for buyers.

DVD Won’t Play

DVDs are identical in size to CDs (Compact Disc audio or data), but will not play in a CD drive. Most computers in the last few years have combination or super drives that play both discs. If you’re not sure, test another commercial DVD movie to see if it plays.

Region Code Error

All DVDs are set with region codes to interact with the region code set by the DVD manufacturer. Computer-based DVD players used for the first time will ask you to set the code. North America is Region Code 1. Our DVDs are set to all region codes.

Printable Materials

Some of our DVDs contain printable materials. To access these, insert the DVD into your computer, quit out of the DVD player and open the DVD icon on your desktop (for Mac) or in "My Computer" (for Windows). Open the folder "Printable_PDFs". You will need Adobe Reader software and a DVD drive on your computer to open the files.


Our DVDs are protected by Federal Copyright laws, CSS (Content Scrambling System) to prevent digital copies and Macrovision® to prevent analog copies. Any technical tampering to override these protections is a violation of the letter and the spirit of our copyright. We ask you to respect our products and know that we must and will take action on any infringement to protect our copyright. There is a belief that copying without intent to re-sell is not a copyright violation. All copying is infringement. Thank you.

Benefits of DVDs

Menu Driven/Non-Linear

DVDs allow you to select any scene in any order, whereas videotapes require you to proceed in a linear manner through the tape. When you insert a DVD into the player, it displays a menu, similar to a web site allowing you to select from the options available. Our DVDs contain two buttons on the main menu: "Play All" and “Scene Selection”.

"Play All" is the default selection so, when you click Enter or Play, the DVD plays from beginning to end. You can use the remote control to fast forward or skip to the next scene.

When you click “Scene Selection”, you are taken to additional menus that allow you to select specific scenes.

Computer Ready

You may also play DVDs on your computer if it has a DVD drive. This enables you to play all or part of one of our DVDs on your laptop in front of a seller during a presentation. (See your computer manual for instructions on how to navigate.)

You can click "Play All" to let the sellers watch the entire DVD while you tour the home, or during a presentation, you could show a specific scene to reinforce a point you’re making.

Specific Consumer DVDs

Selecting Your Real Estate Agent

This DVD is organized into the eight major events that occur in every real estate sale. You will find this sequence to be very logical and seller-focused. Before you use this DVD, organize your listing presentation into these same eight categories. You will discover that it will improve all of your listing presentations.

To help you with this, refer to the 4-page Seller Checklist PDF on the DVD. (See Printable Materials instructions below.)

(The perfect companion to help you with this re-organization is our Real Estate LIVE!® #4; "Listing Presentation: Structuring Your Marketing Plan.")

Present the Video

Include this DVD in your pre-listing package and encourage the sellers to watch it prior to your appointment. Say to them: "Mr./Mrs. Seller, I’m going to send you a DVD called ‘Selecting Your Real Estate Agent.’ It’s only about 20 minutes and will provide an excellent foundation for our meeting tomorrow night. Will you please take the time to watch it?" Include a printout of the Seller Checklist for them to follow.

At your appointment ask them what they thought of the video and whether they have any questions. Begin your listing by reviewing the eight steps and ask if any step requires more elaboration. Then proceed through your presentation pausing frequently for feedback, questions and opportunities to ask them to list.

If the listing decision is a competition between you and another agent, then review the checklist and ask them to rate you against criteria in the list.

Pricing Your Home to Sell

Works Anytime

This DVD works no matter when you provide it to sellers: before the listing, at the presentation or to secure a price reduction during the listing period. It works on expired listings, For Sale by Owners, and before an offer presentation on an overpriced listing. Because pricing is such a sensitive issue, this DVD works even better on friends and past clients with whom you want to avoid price confrontation. Because this DVD is usually delivered before an appointment, it is the easiest to retrieve.

Pre-Listing Package

Ideally it should be included in the pre-listing package so the owners are prepared for your CMA presentation. If they haven’t watched it when you arrive, arrange for them to see it while you tour their home. At the very least, play some key scenes from the Scene Menu. At least they’ll hear a few points and may be enticed into watching the rest of the video.

As always, if you have a DVD-equipped laptop computer, then you can show it on your screen.

Provide Support

To enhance the impact of this video, have actual data to support the key points. Here are some examples of the chapters and related support material:

"What if the market is changing?"
Print out charts from MLS data showing appreciation rates, market trends, new listings and pendings.

"But we paid more than that for it."
Provide examples of a home that was purchased for one price and sold for less.

"They can always make an offer."
Show how the MLS search omits homes above the search parameter price. Reverse the role and ask them in what price range they are looking. Then ask how far above that range would they look.

"We can always come down."
Show actual examples from the MLS where a home experienced successive price reductions then sold for less that it’s original value. You need to compare the home to a comparable home that was listed at market value then sold for it’s asking price.

"Couldn’t we just try it for a couple of weeks?"
Print out your office’s showing records that illustrate how the first weeks had more showings than later weeks.
Buying Up, in a Down Market.

Demonstrate a situation where the owners sold their home after a decline in value, but took advantage of the market downturn by saving even more on the one they purchased.

Preparing Your Home to Sell

Confront Condition

Property condition has become almost equal in importance to proper pricing. In some price ranges, buyers consider this first. It is real estate malpractice to allow a home to enter the market in poor condition. Every owner must be counseled to the required property changes that will attain maximum price in the minimum time.
After the Listing

This video should NOT be shown to sellers until you have a signed listing, or at least a firm commitment to do so. (The exception to this might be for your past clients.) There is a possibility that a premature discussion of home improvement might derail the listing decision. Furthermore, this DVD is a valuable service that should only be provided to a client.

During the listing presentation, let them know you will have this DVD available as a service to them after they list. One of my customers brings it to the listing presentation table and waits until the owners ask about it.

Present the DVD

When they ask what it is, he says: "This is a DVD that will show you and your family how to improve the appeal of your home to potential buyers. It may shorten your marketing time or help get higher offers. I’ll leave it with you after we get your home on the market."

Provide Support

To really drive home the importance of condition, gather before-and-after photos from other listings to show your sellers. Then take some "before" photos now. Ask them when you may return to take the "after" photos and retrieve the DVD.

Competing Product

We are often asked about the difference between our DVD and a similar product offering. There is a competing DVD from BCW Corporation called "Dress Your House for Success". It is a quality video and provides another perspective on home preparation. Ours adds an explanation of the psychology of emotion and how it affects a buyer’s feelings toward a home, then addresses the home’s perception by senses (sight, sound, taste, touch and smell) instead of by rooms (Living room, dining room, bedroom.)

Selling by Owner

Loan Them to Clients

Loan this DVD to FSBOs or sellers thinking of selling themselves.
(See "Getting clients to watch" and "Get the DVDs back" below.)

You can do it yourself…or can you?

If you’ve ever watched a television show on how to re-tile a bathroom or some other home improvement, then you know how a seller will feel after watching "Selling by Owner". They’ll know two things: how to do it . . . and why not to do it themselves. This video is a very honest presentation of the difficulty involved and the commitment required to sell one’s own home. At the end, they’ll be more likely to seek the services of a real estate agent.

There are two ways to use this video: as a prospecting tool to convert a current For Sale by Owner or as a listing tool to dissuade a seller who is considering a private sale.


For prospecting you can either drop it off in person or send it to them by courier or mail. You will have much better results if you first establish a relationship with them. A personal visit will always be more effective and this video gives you a reason to visit.

After some opening questions, offer them some help. Say: "Mr. Seller, I have a short video called ‘Selling by Owner’ that takes you through the entire sales process. It will either help you sell your home or reassess your plan to do so." If they ask you why you would help someone sell their own home, reply: "My philosophy is to help all homeowners – whether they are current clients or not – in the hopes that you’ll consider me should you require the services of a real estate agent." Ask for a follow up time. Now you have a reason for another contact.

If you do telephone prospecting of FSBOs, then you can offer to send it to them. Ask for an opportunity to return to retrieve the DVD.


At some point during a listing interview you may discover that the sellers are considering selling by owner. In that case, present the video "Selling by Owner" and say: "Mr. and Mrs. Seller, I have another video that you should watch before you make that decision. It’s about 22 minutes long and I’ll wait while you watch it." If the owners say they don’t have time to watch another video, then they certainly don’t have time to sell their own home.

Expired Listing

Three Reasons for Expiring

This DVD can be used for prospecting current expired listings or re-listing your own listing as it approaches its expiration date. It is a gentle, yet firm presentation on why the listing expired and what the owner can do about it. The DVD opens with the three reasons why listings expire: marketing, condition and price. It concludes with the suggestion to improve the limiting factor and list with a competent agent.

Your first contact with the owner of an expired listing is determined by your Do-Not-Call regulations and Board of Realtor® rules. A personal visit runs the risk of crossing an existing sign. Telephone calls may be in violation, and in some cases mailings may not be allowed. The good news is, these hurdles also apply to your competitors so when you determine the effective method of contact, then you have the edge.

Question Their Situation

Once you make contact with an expired listing owner and establish some basic rapport, these are the questions to ask:

Have you re-listed your home yet? (If so, then Let Go.)

  • Is your home still for sale?
  • What are your moving plans?
  • Why do you think it didn’t sell?

On the last question, they might blame the last real estate agent for doing a poor job of marketing when it might be their overpricing.

Now offer the DVD. "Mr./Mrs. Seller, there are only three reasons why a home doesn’t sell. As a service, I offer sellers an opportunity to watch this short video that will help you determine which of these factors prevented your home’s sale and what you can do about it now. It’s only about 16 minutes. Would you like to watch it? When may I pick it up?"

New Marketing Plan

The next step is to help them determine whether it was marketing, condition or price that prevented the sale. Offer to tour the home and address the issues one at a time. Ask them about the steps their agent took to sell the home. How many open houses? How many showings? What else do you think could’ve been done? The conclusion might be that the marketing was just fine. Especially if they received offers.

Next tour the home and examine the condition. If there are no obvious problems, then tell them that marketing and condition don’t seem to be factors. So it must be price.

Prepare an updated CMA and suggest they re-list with you at a new price.

On Your Own Listing

After your listing has been on the market too long, a seller may be tempted to place the blame for its unsold status on you and your marketing. This DVD examines the other two circumstances and shows the seller that their price and/or condition may be the problem instead. The DVD will also reinforce the fact that you have done all your marketing properly. Look at the steps in the Marketing Pyramid to be sure you’ve met them all.

8 Steps to Buying a Home

Get Qualified Buyers

Finding "buyers" is not your greatest challenge; it’s finding the one who really wants to buy, buy now, and buy from you. You must then train them to stay loyal to you, sell their current home first, sign a buyer agency agreement, get pre-approved for financing, avoid looking at every home available, then pay market value. This video educates in all these areas.

The buyer-counseling interview should always be the first step of working with a buyer. Lend this DVD to your buyers and require them to watch it prior to your meeting. Use the video steps as a basis for your meeting. Ask them how they felt about the information and whether they have any questions on any of the steps.

Another use is to show it during your meeting, one chapter at a time, then stop to discuss the contents before showing the next step.

Lobby or Conference Room

Have this video running in various public areas of your office as an added value. Offer headphones for privacy and quiet.

Open Houses

Show the DVD during your open house and invite attendees to sit and watch. It provides an added value, more time for conversation, and another opportunity to secure an appointment. You could also loan this video to a qualified open house attendee.

Buyer Agents

If you are a buyer agent, or have a team of buyer agents, this is the perfect video for training agents as well as the buyers.

Buyer Seminars

If you sponsor public buyer seminars, this is the perfect video to show to attendees. Structure your presentation around the eight steps and provide your own examples to support the points.

International Customers


You will be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country. In some countries the import duties and taxes are levied once a shipment reaches customs. We have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. We do not collect payment for duties and taxes; you will need to pay these when you receive your order. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you should contact your local customs office for further information.


If you choose not to accept the shipment, you are still responsible for any customs charges that are incurred. If there are any additional charges billed to David Knox Productions, Inc. regarding your shipment they will be charged to your credit card.


We must indicate the value of the order as the amount you paid for it. We also indicate on the package that the products are educational.


Submitting an order with David Knox Productions, Inc., indicates that you agree to our international shipping terms and conditions.


We will ship your order via US Air Mail. Your order should arrive within 1-2 weeks of the ship date. (Some packages have taken up to 6 weeks to arrive.)


If you opt to pay by check or money order, we will ship your order the day we receive your check. The payment must be made in US Dollars.

DVD Troubleshooting

DVDs are identical in size to CDs (Compact Disc audio or data), but will not play in a CD drive. Double check to make sure you have a DVD drive. Most computers in the last few years have combination or super drives that play both discs. If you’re not sure, test another commercial DVD movie to see if it plays.


I’m getting a region code error

All DVDs are set with region codes to interact with the region code set by the DVD manufacturer. Computer-based DVD players used for the first time will ask you to set the code. North America is Region Code 1. Our DVDs are set to all region codes.


I can’t get to the printable materials

Some of our DVDs contain printable materials. To access these, insert the DVD into your computer, quit out of the DVD player and open the DVD icon on your desktop (for Mac) or in "My Computer" (for Windows). Open the folder "Printable_PDFs".  You will need Adobe Reader software and a DVD drive on your computer to open the files.


I’ve opened the printable materials, now my disc won’t play

Because you opened the PDF folder on the DVD, your computer may now recognize the disc as a DVD data disc and not a DVD videodisc. Try opening and running the disc through your default media player. This is usually Microsoft’s Media Player or WinDVD on computers running the Windows operating system. Also check to see if your operating system and media software application are up-to-date. Or, if the disc icon is visible in "My Computer", right mouse click over the disc icon and select "auto play".


My DVD Player is displaying "bad disc"

If you can play other David Knox DVDs on your system, you may have a potentially "bad": disc. Look at the burned side of the disc to see if there are any spots or smudges. Wipe the DVD with a soft, lint less cloth in a circular motion, then try to play it again. If you still encounter problems please contact us at 800-822-4221 or


My computer says it’s missing a codec

This error usually means that your software needs to be updated. Does it list the missing codec? Go to your DVD software's website and look for new versions of the player. Check for lists and download updated codecs.